A 'Super Mum' Tells All


  • By Nicki Franklin


Is there anyone else out there that feels an unequivocal sense of escape and freedom when at one with Nature?  I do!  I appreciate the great outdoors and how much it can enrich your wellbeing and dissolve stress in a hot second. My love affair with 50 shades of the green stuff and fresh air begun around my early twenties; partially an age appreciation thing, but it was also influenced by having good times with family and friends when in the great outdoors. 

One person in particular who is likeminded is my artistically gifted friend Teleri from Wales, she has made long hikes the most convivial, as she can navigate a map like no other, (so we never get lost) and also because there’s nothing more remedying than being enveloped by the beauty of nature whilst sharing time consuming tales of boyfriends, work and family!  

Now imagine having your favourite little four-legged fluffy friend beside you and the love is in the air. It’s the only time I feel the whole and complete version of myself.  No moody crowds to navigate, or pollution, just myself and a friendly Irish Terrier looking out to see wide open spaces, wonderful shapes on the landscape in all colours of the rainbow and a sense of serenity. 

It’s totally priceless and doesn’t require a membership. I can’t recommend a good ole fashioned walk highly enough, on-the-huff feeling gorgeous in my HUFFUR,  anywhere leafy -  just go! . All things National Trust is a safe bet and if you’re ever dry of ideas, take a walk to the shops and get a paper!  

Either way, any hike is never complete or as enjoyable if you haven’t got your beloved dog at your side. The look on that little pooches’ faces just sums it up and they seem to appreciate all the best things in life just as much as we do.

What contributes to the magical feeling of being a dog lover aficionado, is the fact that they connect you to nature and the great outdoors in a way that makes you feel quite invincible. 

Quote for day - If you think positively - you will live positively.

Article written by No1. HUFFPERT Sharla 

*If you would like to share your tales of being on-the-huff, contact info@huffur.com




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