A 'Super Mum' Tells All

A 'Super Mum' Tells All

  • By Nicki Franklin

A 'Super Mum' Tells All

The secret behind doing it all every day and looking & feeling fabulous at the same time...

Everything seems to be about speed these days … and how to get what we want, as fast as possible.  People’s lives are jam packed, fitting in work, play, family, friends and as a new brand we are always thinking about how we can help people dress for that busy lifestyle. Because we all know it takes time to look and feel good - keeping an eye out on what is trending, while not compromising your own style and tastes.

Do you have friends, family members, or people you admire in your life that you're constantly wondering - "how does she do it??" You know, the Jill-of-all-trades AKA the "super mum, super woman?" Someone that seems to multi-task effortlessly, manages life’s challenges and always looks good?  Well, these women exist in droves all over the world and we got the chance to spend a sunny Sunday morning with one, doing a one-on-one interview while she was on-the-HUFF with her kids.

Always on-the-go mum of four, Ilona, carved out a few minutes to tell us some of her top secrets to looking (and feeling) amazing, not easy considering all the daily adventures that life throws her way. Between juggling time with her two sons and twin daughters, she also works a demanding job and still finds time to volunteer. Not to mention the travel throughout the year and occasional date night out. 

Ilona. I am a mum of four wonderful children: two boys, 7 and 5 years old and twin girls who are 3 years old. One of four kids myself, I loved having a hectic home life as I was growing up, but I never dreamt I would end up with four myself!  The twins were unexpected and doubled our family size but luckily for me, my husband is supportive and hands-on which is just as well as life is busy. I work four days a week managing a research programme for a charity and the job is demanding and being away from the kids when I am travelling can be hard.  When I have any spare time, I love to read as I find it a good way to switch off and I’ll take any opportunity to go for a run outdoors, it’s invigorating and great for my skin.

 H. What would you say your dress style is?  ‘Me’ time tends to be the last thing on the agenda as I am so busy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel a bit glam and prepared for whatever the day throws my way.  I have to be pretty practical for everyday with the kids, so I tend to wear things that last and are easy to wash and wear on repeat.  I mainly shop online at my favourite brands, Boden, Anthropology, or basic staples from M&S.  I love a round neck jumper, a bright splash of colour or bold stripe and anything that can be teamed with a pair of jeans and trainers or boots.  This topped off by my HUFFUR and I look like I’ve spent some time making myself look good.  Having said that, I haven't given up dressing up just yet and do love to put on smarter things for work – interesting skirts or dresses - and pulling out the stops for special occasions when I have managed to get a babysitter for a night out!  

 H. How do you spend your time with the kids outside of school? - I am always planning days out with the kids and we are lucky to have a park at the end of our garden, so I spend hours letting the kids burn off their nonstop energy, whether it's raining or not.  That's where the HUFFUR comes into its own, it's so versatile.  It is light enough to let me run around with the kids playing football or chasing after the little girls on their scooters, but if it starts to rain I can put up the hood and keep warm and dry.  Our house is football crazy at the moment and we all get involved.  I embrace any interest in sports as a good thing and see it is a win-win situation, we all stay active and have a fun time together as a family.

 H. What makes a football Mum?  Supporting your kid’s passions.  The boys literally live and breathe football and it's such a fantastic way for them to stay fit, as well as learning the importance of playing as part of a team and the highs and lows of winning and losing.  The girls also love kicking balls around and scoring penalties!  A bonus for me is I stay trim with them, kicking the ball around, making tough refereeing decisions and chasing down goals! 

North London has great football teams to choose from, but a choice had to be made and the boys chose Tottenham.  They are die hard Spurs fans.  They play after school football with their friends, and on a Sunday with Elite Feet Training Academy.  When they're not playing football they are pestering me to check scores on my phone or watch matches on TV, it is literally non-stop football. 


 H. Top tip for getting the kids up and out in the morning? - organisation, organisation, organisation!  I get the kids clothes laid out and ready the night before, set their cereal bowls out and make sure their coats, shoes and book bags are to hand. 

 H. How does HUFFUR improve your day? – It is such a versatile piece in my wardrobe. It lifts any outfit to a more stylish level and doesn't hide what you're wearing and smother you like some big heavy coats can.  I like that it can refresh my wardrobe favourites that I wear an awful lot! And I really love the snuggly fur neck, it means I don't have to wear a scarf which is a big plus for me.  But back to versatility, there are lots of pockets and the inside one is huge, I pack it with stuff for my day - purse, phone, house keys, tissues, lip gloss, hand cream – literally everything!

Article Inspired by Ilona and family

*If you would like to share your tales of being on-the-huff, contact info@huffur.com

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